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    Welcome to the Evovia API documentation. To access the API you need to have a company on Evovia and have the API access token for that company.

    The API allows you to maintain employees, teams, departments and sickness absense data so you can have your ERP, HR or whatever other tool sync its data to Evovia.

    Version 3

    API v3 is the newest version, and the one we suggest all customers to use.

    Documentation for Evovia API v3

    Version 2

    If you are still on API v2 we suggest you look into upgrading.

    The new API is a lot let confusing to use (multiple employments and rehiring employees no longer require using exact same data as when creating) and the new sickness absence endpoint will handle a lot of the complexity about absence periods that v2 currently requires you to handle.

    Documentation for Evovia API v2